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Bitcoin Binance server file mining_282.024.157.022-binance_server.com-3333-P

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4500$ 8000$

This file is more powerful than a 30,000TH/S key, The Binance server is the 3rd option to send real Bitcoin with the software, it is always optional but you need to mine an above average amount per day .

Here are the binance server features.
– Transaction 100% confirmed
-Send 200 btc maximum per transaction
- Transaction fees are "max", i.e. "priority" for fast confirmation
– Unable to rollback transaction with bitcoin server
-You can easily spend bitcoins on any other address (Segwit, legacy, Segwit/bch32 address)
-it works with all wallets.

“Binance server”

With the “binance server” option
–confirmed transaction
-The transaction fee is “max”, ie “priority” for quick confirmation

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